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When you are in the face of a criminal allegation, where will you turn for the support you need? Who will answer all of your questions and concerns? How will you defend yourself in court? What will happen to your home, children, job and reputation if you are convicted?

These questions, all valid concerns, can be fully addressed with a simple phone call to a firm that is well-versed in criminal law. By contacting seasoned Fountain Valley criminal defense lawyer Moises Aguilar, Esq., you will have the added advantage of understanding your charges, the consequences and the appropriate defense strategies before your case is called to trial.

We strive to provide the highest quality of legal representation to all clients. We have dedicated our professional careers to helping individuals just like you break free from the harsh ramifications associated with criminal charges in Fountain Valley and throughout Southern California. At a law firm with extensive experience and knowledge under their belt, you can bet that you will have your rights protected during the entire process.

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Wwe work with clients who have been charged with drug crimes, DUI, sex crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes, white collar crimes, kidnapping and more. In addition, we also provide services for expungements and bench warrants. Find out more about our firm and how we can help you though this difficult time by calling a Fountain Valley criminal defense attorney today!

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