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Combating a Failed Blood Test

Many people believe that if you fail a blood test during a DUI arrest, you will be convicted. They view the subject as a black-and-white matter and fail to see the gray areas. This is a mistake. While more accurate than field sobriety tests and breath test in testing the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of a suspect, blood tests are not without inaccuracy. In fact, in many instances an experienced DUI lawyer in Santa Ana will be able to defend your rights by combating the results.

For example, the results of a blood test usually do not take into consideration such factors as the weight of the suspect which can sway the reading. Also, human error can also take place during the process of the test, and unfortunately does more often than one would like. For instance, was a rubbing alcohol swab used before drawing the blood? Was the vial of blood shaken to properly mix the chemicals? Was it stored correctly? All of these questions will be addressed while building your defense.

Aggressive Santa Ana Lawyer for Blood Test Defense

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