Criminal Defense

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Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned repeat-offender, the criminal system is complicated and intimidating. We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, you can’t change the mistakes you’ve already made; but you can start taking steps NOW to ensure that every step you take moving forward minimizes or even eliminates the consequences of your mistakes.

You need the top criminal defense lawyer in Santa Ana when facing criminal charges. Attorney Moises Aguilar is committed to providing you with quality representation in your criminal case. He provides the individualized personal attention you need to properly defend yourself in felony or misdemeanor cases.

Aggressive Representation

Effective lawyering requires more than just knowledge. It requires creativity, persistence, dedication, and empathy.

Attorney Aguilar will leave no rock unturned and explore all reasonable options to ensure that he secures the best possible outcome for your case. He enjoys an extensive network of resources, including private defense investigators, who are seasoned professionals in locating and interviewing witnesses, canvassing neighborhoods, performing background checks on the prosecution’s witnesses, and locating evidence to support your defense.

Though it may be some time until you appear before a court, the investigation starts NOW. By aggressively and proactively initiating an immediate investigation, we maximize our opportunity to locate favorable defense evidence early on, providing greater bargaining power against the prosecuting agency.

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