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Have You Failed a Breath Test?

After pulling the subject over on suspicion of driving drunk, it is common practice to administer a breath test to check the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the suspect. If failed, these breath tests are often used as incriminating evidence in DUI cases, however, they are not foolproof, and in fact can be prone to many mistakes. If you find that you are currently facing a failed breath test, do not fear - you are not without hope. By securing the legal assistance of an aggressive Santa Ana criminal lawyer, you can combat the evidence with creative, hard-hitting and aggressive footwork.

Defense Against a Failed Breath Test

There are many defenses that the top DUI attorney in Santa Ana will look into when taking on your criminal case. Some of these can be mechanical errors and others caused by errors made by the police officers, however, regardless of the source of the error, you should not be forced to suffer because of it.

Some of the most common mistakes made when administering a breath test include the use of a Breathalyzer machine that was not properly calibrated or maintained, giving the test without a deep breath (shallow breath will measure mouth alcohol - which is not an accurate result) or not taking into account outside factors (such as health issues like gastric reflux) which could sway the test.

Searching for a lawyer for your DUI case in Santa Ana? Moises Aguilar, Attorney at Law understands the many mistakes that can be made when administering a breath test and does not believe that a failed breath test equals a conviction. He will not be daunted by the situation and will instead tap into his extensive knowledge to combat the charges. You can trust that he will be relentless in his efforts to help you achieve a desirable result.

If you have failed a breath test during a DUI arrest, do not hesitate to contact Santa Ana DUI Lawyer Moises Aguilar for the legal defense that you deserve.

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