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Have you or someone you care about been charged with a violent crime? Are you wondering where to turn for help? If so, you have come to the right place. Moises Aguilar, Attorney at Law provides aggressive legal representation to people facing charges from violent crimes such as assault, carjacking, and domestic violence in Santa Ana and throughout all of Orange County. When a violent crime is allegedly committed, there is always a victim and for this reason the prosecution will be working very hard to pursue justice and you will need the best criminal lawyer in Santa Ana to defend against them.

Police and investigators are often quick to charge a person with a violent crime and as a result, they tend to overlook evidence and information along the way. Sloppy investigations and inadequate evidence commonly can be found in these types of cases and your Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer will know exactly how to use this to your advantage. By presenting compelling evidence and witness testimony, your defense attorney just may be able to have your violent crime charges dismissed, or at the very least, reduced so that the resulting penalties will not be as harsh.

After being arrested and charged with a violent offense, most defendants are very fearful for their futures. It is our goal to ease your worries and calm your fears; let us handle the situation for you and you will most likely be very pleased with the results. Even in cases where conviction cannot be avoided, we can negotiate with the prosecution to get you a reduced sentence so there is always something to be gained from hiring an attorney at our firm to handle your case.

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