Santa Ana Robbery Lawyer

Moises Aguilar, Attorney at Law represents clients for all different types of theft offenses, including robbery. Robbery involves the use of physical force, threats, or otherwise violent means to obtain money, property or goods from someone else against their will. Robbery is a violent offense that is considered to be a "strike" under California's Three Strikes Law, so if you or someone you know is facing this charge, it is a very serious situation.

There are varying degrees of robbery that a person can be charged with depending upon the type of property that was robbed. If a home, apartment, vehicle or any other type of residence is robbed, it will be considered first degree robbery. If any other type of place is robbed, such as a store, bank, etc., it will most often be considered second degree robbery. If a deadly weapon is used during the commission of the robbery, the defendant may face elevated charges or additional weapon charges.

Aggressively Defending Robbery Charges in Santa Ana

There are many different penalties that could result if you are convicted of robbery depending upon the circumstances of the crime and your criminal record. Searching for a lawyer for your theft crime case in Santa Ana? Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer Moises Aguilar will be able to evaluate your case during your initial consultation to determine exactly what sentence you might be facing if convicted. Jail, fines, restitution to the victim, community service, and lengthy probationary sentences can all result from a robbery conviction and each of these penalties has the potential to adversely affect your life for years to come if you do not retain representation from the top theft crime attorney in Santa Ana.

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