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Have you or a family member recently been arrested for a criminal offense in Westminster or any other part of Orange County? If this is the case, then you have a lot to be concerned about. Between the high crime rate between Los Angeles and Orange County, along with the gang-related crimes, local prosecutors and judges are tough on crime and have little sympathy for the criminally accused. Even if you are entirely innocent, you have to be concerned if you already have a criminal record, if you are on probation or parole, and if you have any ties to local gangs. However, your innocence matters! Even if you did make a mistake, it doesn't mean that you deserve to go to prison for years! Due to California's "three strikes" law, you have to be extremely careful if you do have any prior felonies on your record. This is where having a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney comes in.

Criminal defense is a proactive action taken when an individual is charged with a criminal offense. It can include taking advantage of textbook investigative strategies or innovative defense mechanisms. In all cases, criminal defense works toward the common goal of acquitting an individual who has been wrongly accused of a crime.

Moises Aguilar, Esq. works tightly along the lines of criminal defense strategies, both traditional and creative. He uses the most cutting edge advancements in technology and experienced knowledge to defend cases of DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes and more. When working with seasoned Westminster criminal defense attorney Moises Aguilar, you will have your rights protected in and out of a court room.

The Importance of a Westminster Criminal Defense Attorney

Initially, when a client is charged with a crime, they turn to our legal team for support and guidance. We will then inform them as to their rights and options at the current time, in addition to advising them to not speak with any other investigators. One of the most important things you can do immediately after being charged with a crime is to exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. In criminal cases, investigators, prosecutors and law enforcement will use any evidence they can get their hands on to convict you, even if it is a statement you released during the early stages of your arrest.

Another important aspect of having a Westminster criminal defense lawyer by your side is that you will be made aware of what is at stake, or the consequences of the crime. Your attorney will fight aggressively on your behalf to help reduce or drop your charges altogether. For more information on criminal defense and the strategies associated with favorable case outcomes, please call our firm today to schedule a consultation with criminal defense attorney Moises Aguilar.

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