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Being accused of offending the law is no laughing matter. The State of California takes offenses very seriously and the criminal justice system can be extremely harsh and unforgiving. Even with a seemingly insignificant misdemeanor on your criminal record, you could face damaging repercussions such as termination of employment, a blow to your financial standing and a diminished reputation, in addition to legal consequences such as imprisonment, probation, fines, community service and more.

You must realize that if you have already been arrested, then law enforcement has reason to believe that you are guilty of committing a crime. Their belief does not mean that they are right by any means, and only you know what really happened. However, if they think you are guilty, then you can reasonably expect them to use their unlimited resources to secure a conviction against you. For this reason, you must exercise your right to remain silent! The police are waiting for you to say something, anything that can incriminate you.

Even the seemingly friendly detectives are hoping you will somehow slip up, especially if they don't have enough evidence to state otherwise. As your attorney, our job is to meticulously search for any holes or flaws in the prosecution's case that may exonerate you, even if it's over a technicality. That small technicality can mean the difference from remaining a free man or woman and going to prison.

If you have been arrested or you are currently under investigation in Tustin, do not hesitate to call Attorney Moises Aguilar. With an aggressive Tustin criminal defense attorney by your side, you can have your rights advocated and your future protected. We defend cases involving domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI, kidnapping, sex crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes and white collar crimes. In addition, we can also provide you with invaluable information on criminal law as it relates to your charges. Call our office today to learn more!

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When you have much more to risk than your personal freedom, hiring a Tustin criminal defense lawyer is in your best interest. You will need a criminal defender to challenge the charges you are facing and to ensure that the prosecution does not violate your rights in their attempt to convict you of a criminal offense.

Moises Aguilar, Esq. has extensive experience in criminal law and can use this to your advantage in court. He has defended dozens of clients in virtually all criminal cases, from minor misdemeanor offense to serious felony crimes. Call the office today to get an evaluation of your case.

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