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Whenever one person takes the property of another with the intention of permanently depriving that person of their property, it is considered a theft crime. There are many different types of theft crimes and if you are facing any theft crime charge, you need to retain representation from an experienced theft crime lawyer in Santa Ana immediately. Moises Aguilar, Attorney at Law provides legal assistance to individuals who have been arrested and charged with theft crimes of all kinds, including the following:

No matter what type of theft crime you have been charged with, be aware that you could end up going to jail or paying back heavy fines if convicted, not to mention other penalties. The prosecution will be working very hard to prove that you committed the theft offense so it will be imperative that you have a Santa Ana criminal defense attorney to prepare a defense to their arguments. Your lawyer will need to adequately and aggressively prepare to discount any evidence the prosecution presents in court to make you look guilty of a theft offense.

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The exact penalties you will face if convicted of a theft crime will vary depending upon the value of property stolen, whether or not you have any prior theft offenses on your criminal record as well as other various circumstances. Only a skilled and thorough Santa Ana theft crime defense lawyer will be able to evaluate your charges to predict what the penalties might be in an effort to counteract these so that you don't suffer the consequences.

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